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Unlock the secrets to your own personal power and be more in control of your life.

Reclaim your inner power

Dear wonderful woman

If you're feeling powerless in aspects of your life; if you feel that your life is living you while you rush about trying to please everyone in it - then this letter is arriving at exactly the right time for you.

Here's why.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to:

Well - you are not alone. All those desires were expressed by women when I asked them what were their burning issues as working women and working mothers - what did they really want?

It's possible to achieve all these things by reclaiming your personal power and getting back control of your life, and that's EXACTLY what I can help you to do.

Now if you think that the idea of your being powerful seems a bit farfetched, let me share the stories of four women who feel overwhelmed and powerless - see if you recognise any of them.


Linda works full time and has 3 children aged 9, 12 and 14. When they were little, she thought life might get easier as the children got older, but they seem more demanding than ever, and she runs out of patience regularly. Linda also has a mother who isn’t well, and she wants to visit her more often. So basically Linda is doing 3 jobs. One of these is paid – but being a mum and a dutiful daughter aren’t. Linda often feels guilty – guilty about neglecting her kids and her mom when she’s at work. And guilty about neglecting her job when she focuses on her family.




Sue is married, but doesn’t have any children. She has a job she really likes but she just knows that she could be working one or two levels higher than she is. She doesn’t want to be a CEO or anything like that, but she knows she could handle a management position. The problem is that she feels invisible to her own manager - he doesn’t seem to even notice what she does let alone value her contribution - no matter how hard she works. And she knows she needs his support to get promoted...



Barbara works part time. That leaves her with lots of “free” time to do volunteer work in the community. She tries her best to please everybody all the time. But somehow, rather than keeping everybody happy, it seems that someone is always upset with her. Barbara would never dream of saying “no” when someone asks her to do some small thing, or take on a big project. This means Barbara never has enough time to do all the things she has agreed to do, let alone to do anything for herself.


Sharon has recently returned to work after maternity leave. She hates leaving her baby every morning, but she and her husband need her income. She isn’t as confident at work as she used to be. She feels she is playing catch up and she doesn’t seem to be treated as seriously as she was. She’s stressed, permanently tired, and has no time for herself. Her objective at the start of the day is to get to the end of the day without any major catastrophe…

The truth of the matter is that if you told Linda or Sue or Barbara or Sharon that they were powerful women they would probably laugh out loud.

Does any of this ring bells for you? Are there aspects of Linda’s, Sue’s Barbara’s or Sharon’s lives that are like YOUR life?

Welcome to the world of the modern working woman. The good news for women like Linda and Sue and Barbara and Sharon and YOU is that I have helped hundreds if not thousands of women whose lives were similar to theirs and yours. And I have packaged all the things I have been teaching for many years into a programme called Reclaim Your Power: Reclaim Your Life which I am making available to every woman who wants to fulfill the needs of her job, her family and herself.

We have to stop believing that stress and guilt is the way things have to be. Some working women think that this is the price they have to pay if they work outside, as well as inside the home.

Tell me, do you find yourself thinking any of the following:

  1. there’s nothing I can do about my situation - I just have to bite the bullet and get through it

  2. the only way to reduce guilt is to do more - more at work and more at home

  3. if anyone has to suffer it will have to be me - so I’ll just forget about getting my own needs met and make sure everyone else is OK

Well my message to you today is that there IS a way you can see your situation entirely differently. And I don't mean a fleeting change that works for a couple of days before you slide back into the old way of thinking.

We all need a little help and guidance some time in our lives.


And the key is your own inner power. Whether it is coincidence or perfect timing, something has drawn you to this page and to the Reclaim Your Power: Reclaim Your Life programme which will give you the key you've been waiting for so you can turn your life around.

So let me tell you more about the personal transformation programme and how it could be the very thing that has you realising and living from your true authentic self.

The Reclaim Your Power: Reclaim Your Life programme is a series of 8 audios which cover the following areas:

Each audio is no more than 25 minutes and you can listen to them online or download them to your ipod and listen to them on the go - in the car, while out jogging, commuting to work. It couldn’t be easier to hear about what you need to do to get back control of your life.

So what exactly will the Reclaim Your Power: Reclaim Your Life programme do for you...?

Ask yourself what kind of person you think you would be, how you would feel about yourself and what could really open up in your life if you could...

ask for what you want

(imagine being able to simply ask for what you want in your work place, or at home, or in your personal relationships, and do it without any fear or any inner drama...what would that be worth to you?)

refuse requests without feeling bad

(can you imagine never again having to do something you really don't want to do, where you don't enjoy it and event resent the person who asked you? Think how much time it would give you to spend on the things you DO want to do)

take criticism without being destroyed by it

(think of being criticised by your manager and imagine that instead of feeling crushed and full of self doubt you are able to separate the emotion from the content and deal objectively with the specifics so you can improve your performance. Can you imagine actually seeking criticism as part of your career progression?)

be more visible at work - and be taken more seriously

(wouldn't it be wonderful to not only DO great work in your job, but to have your manager NOTICE your great work? And just imagine being able to put yourself forward without being aggressive or pushy - wouldn't you love to feel you were more in control of your career?)

reduce your stress levels

(which means that however busy your life, and no matter how many demands on your time, you will be able to effortlessly and gracefully flow between all the elements of your life and maintain your inner balance as you do)

identify ways of sustaining your energy so others don’t drain you

(wouldn’t it be wonderful to stay energised ALL day and know that you have a way of stopping people sucking your energy right out of you - and STILL be available to them?)

implement a new way of managing the family so everyone takes a share of the responsibilities

(does the world where husbands, partners and children all pitch in and help and don’t see running the household as YOUR job seem like a fantasy world to you? Well - forget the fantasy - this could be your world when you follow the advice you’re going to get)

begin to live your life and not have your life living you

(which means that you’ll LOVE the life you are living and if you don’t, you’ll know what to change to move back into ease and flow)

stop feeling guilty

(imagine how light you will feel when the stone of guilt is not weighing you’ll be more productive, more fulfilled and more joyful than you have even been)

And in fact, it's not wrong to say that this programme can transform the very way you live your life from this moment forward. I've seen it happen for many women I've helped and it can definitely happen for you too.

We cannot sometimes change the circumstances of our lives but we do have total control over how we LIVE the circumstances of our lives.

We have to be able to reclaim our power so we can be in control of all the aspects of our lives and each audio will give you the keys you need so you can live your life from your authentic powerful core.

Here’s a summary of what’s covered in each audio session:

Audio Session 1

Listen to a clip here

Session 1 audio clip

Being Clear About Your Needs (yes - first we’ll put YOU first!)

What exactly will you find on this audio session?

  • the 8 personal rights we all have and the 8 responsibilities that go with them

  • dos and don’ts when making requests

  • a 3 step process for stating what you want and need

"Thank you Geraldine for a very inspiring and thought-provoking first session! I will definitely be trying these techniques at work as I find it very hard to say “no” to my boss when she says “I need you to do me a favour”! I completely recognise that I can be submissive at times and will be following your steps to become more assertive!"

"Thank you for this first session! It was really clear and helpful in creating a more assertive and direct approach. It makes so much sense and is easy to end up getting ‘fluffy’ when making a request for something or rejecting a request, which is especially difficult sometimes. I will definitely keep in mind that 3 step process.

It was a good reminder that i can’t control how others feel or react to situation, rather only my reaction. I didn’t realize how submissive I was until listening to the session. The 8 rights were very helpful."


Audio Session 2

Listen to a clip here

Session 2 audio clip

Communicating Positively (the quickest way to present the new powerful you)

What exactly will you find on this audio session ?

  • why women find taking criticism hard

  • the 4 stages of taking criticism positively

  • how to give criticism in the right way

"This is a great tool. It’s a great way to take the sting out of receiving or giving criticism. I really like the tennis ball idea – as it objectifies each item of criticism as separate from me whereas I would normally take it very personally. I can’t wait to apply these.Thanks!"

"Hi Geraldine, I found this session very useful…excellent points on receiving and giving criticism. I have to say I shy away from both, and when receiving criticism I have never asked for specifics I would just let them say what they had to say, then walk away mumbling under my more from now on. I want specifics!!"


Audio Session 3

Listen to a clip here

Session 3 audio clip

Managing The Family Differently (oh - if only everyone would just do their share.....)

What exactly will you find on this audio session ?

  • the double bind facing working women

  • how the fatal flaws of men affect their role in the home

  • how to get your children to take responsibility for themselves

"Thanks a lot Geraldine for this session. This notion of joint ownership in the family also applies to the professional teams we are part of. All too often women load so much on their shoulders because they want to help or protect others. Coming to rescue, taking ownership because others don’t – is something we as women really excel in and yes – we need to stop doing."

"Brilliant session! Loved hearing about your family life when your daughters were young, especially now as I have 2 young sons! I totally agree with making them take on some responsibilities and they’re never too young to start! Even though my boys are only 3 and 5, they still have their little “jobs”."


Audio Session 4

Listen to a clip here

Session 4 audio clip

The Myth of the Home/Work Balance (Balance? that’s a joke)

What exactly will you find on this audio session ?

  • the 4D approach to jobs

  • why it’s so hard to delegate at home

  • easy steps to delegating at home

"Yes these assertive comments and statements really work. At first they may sound unnatural but before you know it they are part of your own vernacular. They work particularly well with teenagers and if you have daughters they are a MUST to role-model. Well done, Geraldine, for capturing this so well!"

"The session was very engaging. Its interesting to note, how sometimes small things can make a huge impact. We all, in the heat of getting things on time, be it at work or home, try and take too much of a responsibility on ourselves. Making our plates fuller than what’s required or desired… Thanks for putting it in such an effective way!"


Audio Session 5

Listen to a clip here

Session 5 audio clip

Becoming More Valued At Work (time to make your boss sit up and notice you)

What exactly will you find on this audio session ?

  • 8 ways to make yourself more visible at work

  • how to use your initiative and stand out

  • saying ‘No’ (and how to refuse requests without using the word ‘no’)

"Another good session. The advice is right on target. "

"Thank you Geraldine, for yet another great audio! I really enjoy them. I have been thinking about my visibility at work for some time, so this one gave me some good input for that. .....find that I am generally much better at giving other people credit (when it’s due) and not as much myself. So thanks for some very concrete advice on that."


Audio Session 6

Listen to a clip here

Session 6 audio clip

Maintaining Inner Balance 1 (paying attention to your drivers)

What exactly will you find on this audio session ?

  • the link between your energy and your power

  • the ONLY real choice you have...and the ONE thing you really need to change

  • the link between your heart and your integrity

"Session 6 is a great reminder of many of the learnings about managing your inner-self, making choices in how you react to others and situations and accepting others as you want them to accept you. This has been my greatest lesson from the the program."


Audio Session 7

Listen to a clip here

Session 7 audio clip

Maintaining Inner Balance 2 (establishing a new operating platform)

What exactly will you find on this audio session ?

  • switching from a fear platform to a love platform

  • the 3 inner balance keys to keep you stress free

  • letting yourself off the hook (and seeing your own magnificence)

"This is the most powerful session of all as it’s the one that has changed me the most. I continue to practise changing my life script. It’s hard and I have bad days and situations but then I go back to the work and start again. I don’t know that this will ever become natural for me or if it will always take conscious effort, but what I do know is it works and makes a difference."


Audio Session 8

Listen to a clip here

Session 8 audio clip

Finding Your Powerful Place Within (and living from there...)

What exactly will you find on this audio session ?

  • the 3 daily practices that will keep you living a powerful, graceful life

  • the 4 ways to look at your life from a long lens

  • the 3 things you MUST do if you are serious about taking care of yourself

"I just want to say thank you Geraldine for a wonderful series. In each lesson I found something new, applicable to everyday life and valuable to strengthening my spirit and perspective of myself."

As you can see, there's a lot of valuable content I want to give you on these audios. I know from the feedback I get that the material I'm going to be covering has helped thousands of women all over the globe during the last 25 years I've been working with them. I'm so sure that it will work for you that I'll stake my reputation on it.

Now later I'll share with you the fabulous guarantee I've created for you. (My reputation is based on the success of the women I have worked with so if the programme doesn't work for you you will pay me nothing). But first let me share with you some thoughts from a few people who have seen at first hand the impact of the very material I want to share with you...


Avril CarsonWhen I wanted a presenter and keynote speaker for my work which led to the setting up of a Women's Network at Rolls-Royce plc, Geraldine was my first choice. Her knowledge and experience were invaluable, not to mention her dynamic and memorable style. I know that she is a real role model for women, full of integrity and authenticity, so that women who spend time with her feel inspired to take useful life changing choices. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a superb teacher on issues to do with women in the workplace.

Avril Carson

Vicki Espin

I have known Geraldine for more than 20 years.

One of her many qualities which strikes me whenever I am with her is her passion for women’s development and the energy she consistently puts into it.
Geraldine is very creative (as this new project demonstrates) and I would say her greatest quality is her power to inspire. It was this quality I wanted to capture when I invited her to speak at the inaugural Extraordinary Women Conference and Awards which I founded in 2008. She was one of the most popular speakers in April 2009. Her perspectives on life are quite unique and I would strongly encourage any woman who is considering signing up for her programme to go for it. She will inspire you to get in touch with a powerful inner ‘you’ which you didn’t even realise existed! Enjoy!

Vicki Espin, Director, Corporate & Executive Coaching Organisation and Founder of Extraordinary Women UK

Pam Dugdale

Working for a large government department for many years, I have attended numerous training courses and heard many speakers, but absolutely no-one has ever made an impact on me the way that Geraldine Bown has done and continues to do. My first experience of Geraldine’s work was Jan 2006 when I saw her in a short training video on Positive Action for Women. Unlike any other training video, those few minutes made me sit up and listen! Geraldine opened up the whole question of what I could do if I wanted to and what my strengths as a woman were. The video left me wanting to know a whole lot more. I subsequently attended one of her training workshops. This course was pivotal in my life, I won’t say that it changed my life, but it gave me so many tools for me to be able to change my life where I wanted it to. The result: I am now more confident, assertive, relaxed and happy, not only in my work but in my home life as well. All of this is directly attributable to Geraldine and her fantastic work.

Anybody who is lucky enough to work with Geraldine or view her work cannot fail to be impressed. I personally endorse Geraldine Bown and her training products, I know they work, and they work well. I know they worked for me.

Pam Dugdale

Women who have heard me present this material at conferences and in seminars, even when in large groups, have testified to the power of putting some of the ideas into practice and how their lives have changed as a result. So now you can listen to the same material without having to travel to a conference to hear it and you can change how you live your life as a result.

What would you expect to pay for a programme (that you can refer to again and again for as long as you like) that has the potential to alter the way you think with results that show up in both your home and work life.....for years and years?

Well if you were going to hear what I had to say in person, or hired me to come and speak at a conference, or come on my 4 day leadership programme it would cost you a lot - as you might expect.


**  because the programme is listened to online or downloaded I have no product or postage costs


because I don’t have to travel to where you are I have no travel and accommodation costs

I can pass these savings to you

And the truth of the matter is that I have been committed to women’s development for all of my professional life. I want the women whose organisations are not really investing in them, to be able to buy this programme themselves - to give themselves a gift - to take a step in using their personal power to invest in something for themselves WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY. So I have kept the cost to each individual woman incredibly low.

So here’s the good news - the cost is only

€47 for the whole programme

(plus VAT if you live in an EU country)

But there's more - I have a very special bonus for you.

I've been teaching, training and coaching women for almost 25 years to be the best that they can be and most of my material has been given in presentations and workshops. However, I have noticed that when I have given the material in written format also, women have found this extremely valuable.

It's true that audio is a very powerful medium and listening to your audios of Reclaim Your Power: Reclaim Your Life can give you powerful incremental changes. But suppose you had written transcripts of the audios? You would have the choice of listening to the audio or reading the transcript and you would find that being able to refer to the transcripts whenever you like would have a multiplying effect on your learning.


I want you to benefit from the material so much, that I want to get it to you in ways that suit your learning styles and your time commitments. Some women prefer to read instead of listen. Some women like to read information on a train or a plane or in a doctor’s waiting room. So I’m adding the transcripts of ALL the audios as a premium bonus for you.

So should you take me up on the Reclaim Your Power: Reclaim Your Life programme?


My intention is that after taking part in even the first session, you will already begin to feel something in you shifting slightly. You will feel good that YOU have taken steps to start to reclaim your power and reclaim your life and will have learned some things that you can put into practice immediately - small steps...small steps and you will have taken a couple already.

But I want to make this programme no risk for you so here’s my guarantee. Ask for a refund within 30 days and I will return the full amount to you. No questions. No quibbles. Just cancel and I will send you a refund for the whole amount.

Keep everything you have received. Every audio. Every audio transcript. It’s all yours FREE forever! I can’t be any fairer than that. That’s how committed I am to helping you to reclaim your power and your life by following the guidelines in the programme.

So let’s get started

Order now through our Secure Server, and get instant access!

YES I'm ready to reclaim my power and reclaim my life

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Then watch your email box for the email from me giving you the link to download the audios.

That’s it!

YES I'm ready to reclaim my power and reclaim my life

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I understand that when I buy I will pay only €47 for the whole programme - audios and transcripts.

After my payment has been processed I will receive the link giving me access to all 8 audios and transcripts within minutes of paying.

I also understand that I have a full 30 days from when I pay to cancel and receive a FULL refund with no questions asked.

YES I'm ready to reclaim my power and reclaim my life

Your shopping cart will show that PayPal is processing the payment but once you get to PayPal you can choose whether to pay with PayPal or with a credit card

I really looking forward to helping you to transform how you live your life.

And if you need to contact me at any time here I am:


Do this for yourself - you really are worth it!



If you spend this time on yourself you will be amazed at how much power you have - power that is lying dormant waiting for you to reclaim it and use it to reclaim your life. Your stress levels will take a huge drop - and when you are less stressed your life will flow with a grace and ease you didn’t think possible.



I invite you to transform how you live your life and in so doing you will be an inspiration to everyone you meet and a role model for every woman who sees you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it.



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